Saturday, 10 July 2010

Child pornography news item from the UK

Oh Michael Wharton thou should’st be living at this hour! I was not one of your fans but now I see you had the true prophetic temperament of a latter-day Isaiah only funnier.

England now seems to be completely insane - like the United States always has been

"Airport security chiefs have been banned from subjecting children to a controversial new X-ray scanner that produces ‘naked’ pictures of passengers because of legal warnings the images may break child pornography laws."

Are there any satirists left?

To hell and high water with the librarians quangocrats liberal clergymen social workers and trade unionists who rule my country with their ludicrous sexual obsessions about pederasty (against), buggery (for). And to hell with the pursuit of money and things and brands and keeping up with the Jones's and upward mobility and the anti-discrimination obsession which makes up for the money making obsession. And the lack of culture, dumbing down, inverted snobbery etc etc. And to hell too with colonial guilt and comparative religion taught to children and feminism and all those things that thank God Romania has not yet really got

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