Sunday, 29 January 2012


I love St Paul's Cathedral (as everything by Wren) but it has no spirituality. The mediaeval cathedrals do if only slightly because they were once Catholic, though now low-key, polite and full of military insignia and gift shops. Religion in England is a peculiarly depressing thing thanks mostly to Anglicanism – even English Catholicism is slightly tinged with the sadness of Anglicanism. Catholicism in Romania had a distinctly Orthodox tinge with much invocation of the saints. Priests behave like the Catholic priests of my boyhood in England – are deferred to automatically. And what is surprising they are all right-wing. In Romania in fact even poets are right-wing.

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  1. I don't recall anything that had only one right wing, and could survive other than chinese food.
    When it comes to political or religious conviction, right wing might mean "nationalism", or overwhelming something which is.. the opposite.
    Taking the latter: Jesus, or the concept of the Creator Himself. Won't dare going further than this.
    However, it seems proven by any historical descriptions we know: poverty, in it's fury for survival and hopelessness, has only one possession left to defend - the blessing of an "exterior" supremacy to the current world. It starts with the "left alone" sentiment of being part of a "Nation", then gets into the larger concept of "Religion"... and so on.
    This hopelessness had given us thousands of artistic and eternal virtues - while the fury took millions of lives.
    Why don't get what we have and live in the middle, as a good chicken between her two wings..?