Sunday, 22 January 2012

Newt, Mitt and Paul

So Newt beats Mitt in N.C. – this really is another of those nail biting American miniseries except that I suspect it will be Mitt whatever Newt does.

I think American elections bring out the best in our cousins and I wish Britain was one tenth as democratic or as free. Paul is the first republican with a small or big r in 50 years. I don't like Newt or Mitt at all but all the contenders are infinitely better than Bush except possibly Herman Cain. However, I should guess Obama will win. Obama excites his people and Mitt will excite no-one.

I saw this in the Telegraph: ‎' “No, Newt’s infidelities do not concern me,” said one Southern gentleman. “On the contrary, I take heart that someone older and fatter than me can still have an affair.” ' To which the Telegraph journalist added the words "Amen to that", which twenty years ago would have been considered unacceptably racy by the Telegraph.

Maybe 4 more years of Obama is better than Newt. In Terry-Thomas's words what an absolute shower (Paul excepted).
They may not frighten their enemy but by God ..

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