Sunday, 29 January 2012

Syria on the eve of the horror.

I should like the unspeakable Assad to win decisively in Syria, faute de mieux, but it is not possible. What comes next will be much worse. For the Christians especially but for everyone. 

The brave rebels are the majority Sunnis  fighting for their democratic right to take over the state and to oppress the minorities. It took me a while to realise this but not so long as the BBC.

No one is going to introduce a Scandinavian type system of government in Syria. Quite the contrary the Baathists in Syria as in Iraq are secular and believe in women's rights. 

And the new Libyan situation is worse than under Gadaffi and a hundred thousand Christians have left Egypt since Mubarak fell.

I feel like it is August 1914 or the first weeks of 1861 in the USA and things are moving inevitably to an unthinkable disaster, people see it but do not stop it. Much better to have let the Southern states secede or Austria to take Serbia than what happened.

Is this also true of the German invasion of Poland in 1939?

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