Friday, 27 January 2012

Very good news


For the last 70 years we have been in the grip of a heart disease epidemic that began in the 1940s, rose to a peak in the 1970s and then began to fall. All Western countries were affected and all followed broadly the same pattern. Now it is suddenly falling. No one knows why deaths from heart attacks rose or why they are falling around the world. A good reminder not to believe researchers when they say they do know why things happen. Experts do not know much and are usually pretty incurious. "Les savants ne sont pas curieux.

How odd that no-one noticed the close connection between lung cancer and smoking until the 60s. One day climate scientists will I hope explode the current climate warning panic and genetics will explode many idées reçues about sex and race too. 

Many of the world's problems are caused by second and third rate academics. The rest are caused by second and third rate teachers.

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  1. It is elementary for anything after the academical (NB the history of this word..) recognition of Paracelsus, that people like to link their names to things, in a desperate hope that this would either make them prevail, or being conducive to earning "kindof" privileges.
    One reading the British Medical Journal (it's not the intent, but the writers' content) back in one of it's almost dacade-ago issues, might be stomped by how much attention had been given to chicken, swain and other types of harmfully infectious and genocidious animals...
    Yet, now that we have survived all of them, (I mean the incriminated animals), we are facing a brand new trend, when the same people realise that they have put a bit of weight on, - so articles upon "good-and-bad" types of fats, cholesterol and overweight alltogether show up.
    Isn't this a tremendous gift, that we have such a well-deserved army of caretakers?