Saturday, 4 February 2012


The freezing cold has killed hundreds of people in Eastern Europe. On Tuesday night it was said on the net to have been -22° in Bucharest but yesterday for the first time I was cold at home though it was only -12. yet I could still hear the shouting of the gallant protesters in Piata Universiatii. 

The placard pithily says it all:

The same play
The same actors
But we no longer wish
To be spectators.

But to pose the question thus is to answer it. Where are new actors to be found? There are none. Yes restore the monarchy but that will not create public spirited and competent politicians or a ruling class which takes its obligations seriously. The King of Bulgaria when he became Prime Minister filled his government with clever Bulgarian  émigrés  from the City of London or Wall St. and, so I am told, in six months they were as corrupt as the government they replaced. And so it goes.

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