Friday, 17 February 2012

Marie Antoinette was hot


Marie Antoinette was a blonde bombshell. Think Marilyn Monroe.

One of my favourite historical facts gleaned dutring the long empty days of my 70s childhood from my grandmother’s Titbits on a train journey I think or at the beach was that Marie Antoinette had vases modelled on her breasts. Vases which match the measurements of Jayne Mansfield. And now it seems the vases are not convincing historical evidence.

(Future archaeologists will make what of the plastic breasts with which the ruins of Bucharest will be littered in such great numbers? Plastic breasts are not bio-degradable and will outlast the tower blocks and North Korean architecture that Mr Ceausescu built.)

Still Marie Antionette  did not say ‘Let them eat cake.’ (And no governor of a southern state of the USA ever said ‘If English was good enough for Jesus Christ it's good enough for me....'  All libtard propaganda. Did I say libtard?)

And  Marie Antoinette was gorgeous and she had a copy of that deliciously evil book Les Liaisons Dangereuses – the sexiest book I ever read – bound in a plain binding without a title.

I am coming close to the extent of all I can remember about this brave beautiful lady. All the history you can remember x years after leaving university. The moral is right wing chicks are more attractive than left wing ones. Look at MA and Ana Pauker. I dont know what Rosa Luxemburg looked like but I have my doubts.

Yes as I thought. A 3 at best and that's being nice.

Margaret Thatcher had great legs and magnificent breasts as I remember from working in the Houses of Parliament in the 80s. The eyes of Caligula and the body of Marilyn Monroe...

Mrs. Leonid Brezhnev:

If it is true, why should pretty women be more right wing than plain ones? Someone could do a survey and explain it by class, nutrition and lack of opportunities for deprived inner city women to go to beauty salons. A cynic could say that ugly women know that inequality brings pain, beautiful girls know it gives pleasure. I told a feminist, Danuta Keene, that beautiful women tended to be right-wing disproprtionately because they had a vested interested in the status quo and she bafflingly answered that this was equally true of men. 

Sir Oswald Mosley, during his socialist period, said, 'Vote Labour but - Tory.' Others have thought the same, including Roy Jenkins, Hugh Gaitskell and even Dennis Skinner.

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