Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The massacres in Syria and doing nothing


When I was in Homs I was told the regime killed 60,000 people there in 1982 though I think it was somewhere between 10,000 and 30,000. The 1982 pogrom happened unobserved by the outside world. Now it is happening again as I thought it would.  But this time we have 24 hour news, the internet and though foreign journalists are few and in danger of their lives (they are embedded with the brave rebels) 
we know something about what is happening. The journalists and experts think Assad will fall anyway but I don't agree. If you kill enough people you make a desert and call it peace. 

It is hell.

This is what Iraq was not - Saddam was not killing people in any numbers in 2003. This is what Libya was not - Gaddafi was not going to kill thousands of people. The Syrian regime will kill tens of thousands - and there is nothing we can - or even should - do - but how can this be? But it is.

Unlike in Libya the BBC is much more careful about the evidence of atrocities but I have no doubt that this is another Srebrenica but on a much bigger scale but while I wanted Britian to intervene in Srebrenica and especially Rwanda- it would have been relatively easy - we should not intervene here. The other side will be equally violent if they have the chance and intervention would ensure a civil war. Which might very well spread into Lebanon, which would certainly ensure the exodus of the Christians from the homeland they inhabited long before Mahomet. But am I making terms with murder? I think that there will be very much bloodshed if we intervene or not and intervention will not further our interests or those of the Syrian people or the region. Certainly it will not help the Christian minority. I feel bad writing these words thinking of the male civilians being killed, the torture and rapes.

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