Friday, 27 April 2012



Offence: Rothstein Williams was insulted by the term 'darling'
Offence: Rothstein Williams was insulted by the term 'darling'

These stories appear every day and are a good reason for never reading the Daily Mail. (I do not but this was brought to my attention by Ruth Dudley Edwards.)

Many air stewards seem to me likely to be homosexuals and this one is black but he complained about being victimised by having his religious beliefs offended when he was repeatedly called darling

In a free country you should be able to offend anyone's religious beliefs. The purpose of blasphemy laws is to prevent God being offended not man and in a truly free country there would be no unfair dismissal legislation.

I can understand not liking being called mate but I like guv. I rarely get called darling but would welcome it. I doubt if I should feel otherwise were I - which I thank the Lord I'm not, sir - an Adventist. 

I often forget names and can understand why people use endearments instead. All the waiters at Boodles are called Charles and have been for centuries to get round this problem. 

The Queen's very closest friend calls her 'Ma'am darling', which is so sweet.


  1. Hilarious! Had me roaring!!

  2. Loving your blog! Great and sooooo funny! Left a few comments. reading on... Sarah

  3. Thank you - I decided to hide the political ones from you then put them back when you laughed at Darling. I was meant to be amny things - historian, political commentataor, actor, TV presenter but am unfocused and have wasted my life and need to know how to write a book about Bucharest or Romania.

  4. I have no idea. How does one write about a country that is as complex, as divine, as perplezxing and as infuriating? But I guess that's it and exactly why one would. I loved Mike's book "Never mind the Balkans - here's Romania'. It was tender, loving, ironic and often as sad as it was hilarious. Maybe that's the way. Just like your blog, too. Short stories. Anecdotes. Quips and quirks. there are so many and to a non-Romanian who doesn't know the country, they are fascinating. To we who know it, they are endearing. To Romanians, well it'll be a mixed reception - noone is allowed to criticise or 'sermonise' Romanians but Romanians (!!! fudulie maaaaaare!!). The mysticisms I suppose I mean which, I guess is why we love it so much - why you're still there and why I wish I were and spend all me time yearning for it.

    Get scribblin at the end of a trip. Or why not just take a bunch of your posts?? they are GREAT! I loved all I've read so far! Starting to go a bit boss-eyed now coz Ive got the flu and my eyes look like naiba... and are as effective. More tomorrow. The best books are those off the cuff, I reckon and since your posts are and are really, really funny (those which are written to be funny, I mean) then why not?