Friday, 27 April 2012

MP accused of 'xenophobia after complaining that Polish cannot make decent bacon sandwich

Barry Sheerman, the Labour M.P., a particularly nasty piece of work who hates religious schools and the Catholic Church, is accused of xenophobia when he complained Poles do not know how to make a good bacon sandwich

Xenophobia became a prescribed way of thinking in the late 1980s and it is blackly amusing to see a man of the Left hoisted by the Left's own petard, but really how silly and, more importantly, how scary this is. 

Someone said political correctness is a clown with a sword in his hand.

is this ever strange witch hunt for racists and racism ever going to slow down or stop before our whole society is reconstituted on left-wing lines? Or will it just get worse?

I was introduced to the grilled bacon and tomato sandwich in the House of Lords staff canteen. A wonderful place with every day a different milk pudding: tapioca; semolina; etc, etc. And everyone who worked there was English and pale. I still think the grilled bacon and tomato sandwich is the best ever meal, beating even a good curry or haggis or steak and kidney pie. How I want one as I write this but in Romania there is no proper bacon and I do not have a grill.


  1. A million Britons did not die in World War II to save Poland from Hitler and hand it to Stalin so this hater could go around spouting baconist nonsense. Alex Woodcock-Clarke

  2. It's always amusing to see leftists facing the same accusations they are always making against their opponents Derek Turner

  3. yes but we should not use their tactics against them or we make things worse

  4. I know what you mean, Paul, and personally I think such methods beneath contempt, but it is nevertheless satisfying to watch leftists squirm the way they like to make others squirm. The current monomania about racism real or imagined is now so deeply ingrained in society that it has escaped beyond the control of even the left, and become an emotional tic or spasm. Derek Turner

  5. Obviously he should be locked up immediately for hurting the feelings of Poland. Ruth Dudley Edwards