Friday, 27 April 2012

The new face Batumi, Georgia. It is too late - they have already made it nice.

Georgia is the most enchanting country I ever visited and I really must get back there soon. I meant in particular to get to Batumi the country's Black Sea resort where the young Stalin spent some time and which I have seen compared to Havana, run-down, louche and full of sub-tropical atmosphere. I know that President Saakashvili was at one point in discussions with Dino Patriciu about developing the place but they fell out about money. 

But it seems according to an article in the Guardian that I am already too late.

Batumi has undergone a four-year, radical £350m facelift aimed at turning it into a hip resort. It now boasts a lovingly restored historic old town, and the attractive Seaside Park has striking public art and cafes, upscale hotels and a host of chic nightclubs and restaurants..

It does sound very unappealing. 

When places change it is best to get there before they change even more but Batumi sounds too far gone. I must hurry back to Tbilisi before they make that nice with US aid money given after the war with Russia for which the Americans feel guilty. In many ways Tbilisi is my favourite city, something Bucharest used to be. 

In my lifetime, the two scourges have been broken families and property development. 

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  1. Did you like Armenia as much as Georgia?