Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Shopping porn

Santayana  said:

 "Luxury requires an aristocratic setting to make it attractive". (He could have added to make it interesting too.) Still excess has its own zest which Coco Chanel said is the secret of beauty.

Interesting that, though materialism was despised by the 1960s generation, consumerism and celebrity worship are the most important and lasting legacies of the 1960s,  ahead even of racial equality and the discovery that women like sex too.  

There is a thriving genre of shopping porn of  which this about the ill-named Posh Spice is a good example, which excites a large audience, probably one imagines of women and possibly very epicene men. 

Another legacy I suppose is that Posh Spice's lack of class means so very much less than it would have fifty years ago when Christine Keeler made such an impact because she was a prostitute who looked like a lady.   

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