Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A political trial in Oslo?

It is blackly amusing that a Blairite, despite himself, wants the death penalty for the Norwegian who massacred so many young people. I suspect he did not feel the same thing about the people who blew up bombs in the tube in London - because this killer is more of an affront to Blairite or social democrat values than Al Qaeda, even though his ideas and those of AL Qaeda are not very dissimilar. Or maybe perhaps because the social democrats are nowadays deeply afraid of the masses whom they came into existence to champion and fear that a trial might to make this dreadful man a hero in the eyes of some. This by the way is what a historian predicted to me would happen some months ago. 

I do think this vile man (I will not name him and help him become famous though inevitably he is), rather like Nelson Mandela at his trial, is being given far too much chance to make political points which have nothing to do with the matter being decided.


  1. There is no sense in continuing to place him in the media spotlight. A few photos from the trial's beginning were okay, since they served the hunger for information from people worldwide. But not every detail or move by this remorseless defendant is in the public interest. The trial must neither confirm that he is a 'monster', nor serve to satisfy his need of playing to the gallery as a “crusader”. It should be an objective reconstruction of the terrible crimes, so that something like this can be prevented from happening again.
    Terrorists from all eras and backgrounds comprise a community. They are held together by the conviction that they are fighters in a war that both justifies and obliges every murder. Literature that confirms their world view is abundantly available, particularly on the Internet in recent years. Tragically, while this pathetic specimen will be locked up for decades, the entire paranoia will live on freely in books and on websites.

  2. Terrorism is here to stay. What were Hitler and Stalin if not terrorists? What was the bombing of Dresden come to that? But terrorism changed on September 11. The next threat is nuclear or biological terrorism which I realised in 1989 are more likely to destroy mankind than the Cold War ever was.