Thursday, 3 May 2012

The late Alan Clarke, a bold, bad man

It surprises me that a man as very wicked as Alan Clarke is so loved. Although I think he may be right that we should have made peace with Germany after the Battle of Britain and (I am in two minds on this one) when he said in 1971 that the Ugandan Asians should simply be told "You cannot come here because you are not white".   

Someone said that he was not pretending to be a four letter man. He really was a four letter man. But some four letter men, like Lord Rochester and  Frank Harris, we take to our hearts. His brain was brilliant and he was a better historian than almost any academic of his era.

John Pilger: I read that you were a vegetarian and you are seriously concerned about the way animals are killed.

Alan Clark: Yeah.

John Pilger: Doesn’t that concern extend to the way humans, albeit foreigners, are killed?

Alan Clark: Curiously not.

This puts me in mind of Benjamin Disraeli's diary of his visit to Albania in the early 1830s where he stayed with Ali Pasha and wrote about the joy  'of being made much of by a man who is daily decapitating half the province.' Yes, one can understand the feeling which is why it is funny and yes it probably is, I suppose, even for a fierce legitimist like me, evil or something very close.

And yet one prefers Clarke to any of his enemies, especially those who wrote for The Guardian or belonged to the Liberal or Liberal Democrat parties.

The only solution for dealing with the IRA is to kill 600 people in one night.
I only can properly enjoy carol services if I am having an illicit affair with someone in the congregation. Why is this? Perhaps because they are essentially pagan, not Christian, celebrations.
I am not a fascist. Fascists are shopkeepers, I am a Nazi.
I think killing 600 IRA me would have been worse than a crime, a blunder. But almost nothing could be worse than the eventual outcome. 

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