Saturday, 5 May 2012

Conrad Black is out


So Lord Black, the Great Commoner as the civil servants at No. 10 christened him while he was importuning  Mr. Major for a peerage, is out of gaol. He came out on Friday.

The whole story is like a novel by Trollope or Balzac. 

It all started with the interview Barbara gave about her walk-in wardrobe, in which she said, 'My extravagance knows no bounds.' 

Someone else said:  ‎'Only a handful of women in the world can afford to spend as much on clothes as Barbara Black and I am not sure she is one of them.'  

She is a very good writer by the way in my opinion. He certainly is not. 

But the film will be fun.

Celia Brayfield remembers being on a TV show where she dressed like a slut and enunciated appallingly right-wing opinions about the unemployed. I used to disagree strongly with her politics when she wrote for The Times but I suspect she was more often right than I.

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