Friday, 4 May 2012

Conservatism is doomed. Head for the hills

This article by Ed West is very well worth reading. People thought Mrs. Thatcher had destroyed socialism but she did not. i thought the Left had come round to agreeing that she was a necessary evil but it seems from what I read - but I am too far away to know - that she is now blamed for destroying manufacturing industry, which is arguable, and for being a bigot when she was not even a social conservative. 

Socialism will live on so long as people think equality in one form or another is a good thing socialism is alive. By socialism I suppose I mean the idea that the state is justified in changing society by force to make it more equal although I am in favour of spending public money to make the lives of the poor better. The distinction is I suppose a  fine one. Equality of opportunity, even as a goal, seems to me socialist not liberal but John Major sold the pass when he was asked by Tony Blair in the House "Does the Prime Minister accept it as a responsibility of government to reduce inequality?" Mr Major replied  "Yes." I want to improve the life of the badly off but I do not think equality of any kind is a civilised idea or one that fits with a society that values freedom. I think society should be left alone to do things its own way. On the other hand I have to say that subsidised public transport is the acceptable face of socialism. If as many believe the NHS is a Good Thing then the NHS is too. But I have doubts about the NHS.

Herbert Spencer thought England became socialist when the Liberals introduced free school dinners for the children of the poor. I see what he meant. An even broader definition of socialism was implied  more than a decade earlier in 1895 by King Edward VII, then Prince of Wales, when he said a bit prematurely that 'We are all socialists now'. 

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