Monday, 7 May 2012

His Most Christian Majesty, King Louis XX of France and the late Queen Mother who died a few days ago


I never saw or heard of him before and am very pleased to do so now. His Majesty is pictured with the late Queen Mother. 

How admirable and how sad deposed kings are.

I only once was in Paris for more than 24 hours. I spent a long weekend there in 1989 and was taken to a party which turned out tobe rather grand because I got chatting to a girl who told me she was a monarchist and when I asked her if many people in France were monarchists she looked at me in surprise and said 'Everyone in France is a monarchist.'  And I saw that I had penetrated a very exclusive set.

Curiously enough, de Gaulle held talks during the war with the Comte de Paris to discuss restoring the monarchy. What a shame they did not bear fruit.

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  1. If Marie Antoinette had an Uzi instead of a parasol, and cakes she could fixed the pikeys good. Imagine it white powder puff, and firepower!