Sunday, 6 May 2012

Oh no, I agree with John Pilger

Oh dear, I agree with John Pilger, something I hate doing. About Syria: 

'The civil war in that country requires skilled and patient negotiation, not the provocations of the British SAS and the familiar bought-and-paid-for exiles who ride in Anglo-America's Trojan horse.' 

Enoch Powell would have agreed too. Unlike Simon Heffer, who had the luck to know Powell well and is his representative on earth, I was in favour of intervening in  the wars of the Yugoslav succession. I was also very strongly in favour of sending some battalions of troops to Rwanda (one might have been enough) and of the first Iraq War. I was of course against the second Iraq war though I did not foresee any of the consequences. Nor do I recall other people doing so. I  am not sure but I think we may have to allow or encourage Israel to bomb the nuclear facility in Iran (we cannot stop the Israelis anyway). I am not a consistent Disraelian or Gladstonian in foreign policy. Circumstances alter cases


  1. next thing you'll be marching next to red Ken against the Joooos.

  2. Ken whom I abominate does not dislike Jews.

    Disliking Israeli state policy is not the same thing as disliking Jews.

    He does however like some appalling Muslims.