Monday, 7 May 2012

The oil wrestling festival in Edirne is July 6-8 this year

I am looking forward to attending the oil wrestling festival in Edirne (Adrianople) in July from love of Edirne not of men, covered in oil, wrestling. It’s the true Turkey sans bloody Western tourists. GOD HOW I HATE THOSE SWINE. It was the Ottoman capital before Constantinople fell and is poorish and unfashionable and has very fine mosques. It has the distinction of being the first place in the world to be bombed - in one of the Balkan Wars. 

It's a bit like I imagine Turkey was in the late 70s, after Turkey was ruined by property development but before she was ruined by tourism and then by globalisation.

I felt the need to say I was not interested in wrestling because a friend of mine, Tim, said oily men did not appeal to him but might to his wife (who by the way is gorgeous). I hated watching wrestling on Saturday afternoons with my Dad when Harold Wilson was Prime Minister and Mick McManus was my father's bete noir but indeed I do want to see the wrestling as something very Turkish, yes.


  1. David Pratten8 May 2012 at 07:32

    "bloody Western tourists. GOD HOW I HATE THOSE SWINE"

    Thanks Paul, I don't often laugh out loud at 6.30am.

    Saturday afternoon wrestling on ITV - I enjoyed it as a child - like pantomime I suppose.

    Stopped enjoying and watching it in my early teens - but I still like pantomime.

    Thanks again for making me laugh - a good start to the day!

  2. Thank you David - this makes me very happy. My blog posts often start out life as Facebook posts where they attract many comments but on my blog too few people bother. I basically write stream of consciousness and am very happy the detritus of my mind makes you laugh.

  3. Mick McManus...euuuuugh!! And Big Daddy...euuuuuugh again!!! Can't imagine oil wrestling. Sounds nasty. Maybe they should try wrestling in jelly - far funnier.

    i'm with you on the western tourist stance!

  4. I made a mistake when I originally posted this and said June when I meant July.