Saturday, 19 May 2012

“Progress is Providence without God"

“Progress is Providence without God. That is, it is a theory that everything has always perpetually gone right by accident. It is a sort of atheistic optimism, based on an everlasting coincidence far more miraculous than a miracle.” 

G.K. Chesterton

Belief in God involves problems, but atheism requires a huge suspension of disbelief. Actually once one believes in God it seems, to me at least, impossible not to believe in Him and one cannot understand why it was not blindingly (to coin a phrase) obvious all the time. But the problem of evil still remains. 

Yet I suspect that the existence of evil is not the thing that most people find hardest about belief in God. It is often people who have suffered most in life who have most faith. I think it is the power and ingenuity of Man that has occluded God and nature. 

As W.H. Auden put it:

What reverence is rightly paid
To a divinity so odd
He lets the Adam that he made
Perform the Acts of God.

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