Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Standing in the way of progress shouting 'No!'

Bucharest sits on the road between Vienna and Constantinople which is why the city exists and it is anachronistic that the road to Vienna and Western Europe is still a narrow road creeping over the Transylvanian Alps. I have no doubt that a motorway would increase trade, increase prosperity and make work for everyone at a time of austerity. I know how much Romania, which is still a very poor country despite the conspicuous display of consumer durables by the new rich, need investments of this sort but still one of the very many things I greatly love about Romania is the absence of motorways. It makes travelling around a great joy and I really should travel much more before the motorways ruin everything. The coming of motorways reminds me of the Latin tag which is the title of a Poussin pastoral landscape - Et in Arcadia Ego.   I (death) am also here even in this heavenly place.

My childhood passionate ambition was to be a Member of Parliament but I see now that I should not have been a good one though I should have enjoyed rousing my own party to fury at me.

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