Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee weekend in London

Rainy Jubilee Sunday. I was in my place in the rain cheering Her Majesty. I met a pearly king and saw the dear Queen from a good spot in a pub, then soaked walking back. How very lucky England is to be a monarchy.

It is always a pleasure when a royal occasion teaches the liberals that they do not understand the English people or national pride in general. But as Boris Johnson says in the papers today the left should love the monarchy as it makes all Englishmen into collectivists. And monarchism is an oddly unpolitical thing appealing to left and right. 

Living in Romania makes one see the immense value of a monarchy - and of a public spirited cultured elite too, although England's elite has let us down badly in so many ways since the war.

Jubilee Monday

I caught the firework display at the Palace from a mews in Belgravia. 

Jubilee Tuesday

The Prince of Wales said last night:
'And we're now celebrating the life and service of a very special person, over the last 60 years.'
This is not true. The Queen is a good constitutional monarch but is not a very special person at all and humble enough to know that it is the crown that is special not the woman who wears it. Through no fault of hers, she has reigned over 60 in many ways disastrous years. Her predecessors would be horrified at our loss of belief in God and in ourselves, our loss of power, independence and identity.

At first I wasn't allowed into the National Gallery to see the  'Turner Inspired: In the Light of Claude' exhibition because the police were afraid people would walk through the Gallery and into Trafalgar Square to add to the crush in the Mall waiting for the Queen to wave at the crowd. I was  pleased and surprised that a posh voice and a jacket and tie get you through police barriers even in an age of diversity training.

Wonderful exhibition but the Turners were completely outclassed by the Claudes - after a while I ignored them. .

I lunched on cider and shepherds pie in the restaurant overlooking Trafalgar Sq. - unfortunately ten minutes too late for H.M. but after a while I found I could see everything on huge TV screen  erected in the middle of the Square while sipping cider and this seemed a very good arrangement.

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