Saturday, 16 June 2012

Genghis Khan quotations

A rather disquieting Facebook friend of mine put this on his wall and I am not sure why. 

“The greatest happiness is to vanquish the foe and drive him before you, to savour his despair, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to ride his horses, to watch his wife and daughters weep, and seize them to your bosom.”
Genghis Khan

I suppose Genghiz may have been taken out of context.

Looking up on the internet to see what the source is for quotes from Genghis I get bored after ascertaining that there is an old source for his life but I found this quotation which seems to sum up perfectly the Romanian attitude to competition:

“It is not sufficient that I suceed - all others must fail.”
Perhaps this is a legacy of the Mongol invasion of  Romania.


  1. Interesting note!

    I guess this is how many people in Romania are...

    One could hardly ever hear a Romanian celebrating his (his team's, his party's, his group's) own victory, but enjoying the defeat of the other side.

    Assuming that the author (and others who read this blog) are familiar enough with the Romanian language, I will enumerate some phrases used for celebrating victories in Romania.

    Instead of saying "Am câştigat", "Suntem cei mai buni", we often hear the winners say...

    "V-am tras-o" "V-am făcut praf," "Sunteţi terminaţi" :-)


    Imagine how could anyone be happy about a plagiator defeating Băsescu!

    There's nothing to be happy about Ponta's possible victory against Băsescu, but there's a lot to say about the possible loser...

  2. You are right about Romanians but when it comes to politics I think it is always best to vote against not for and if I had a vote - though it is not a nice choice - I would vote in the referendum against the Plagiariser and to divide power rather than leave the USL in complete control.