Thursday, 14 June 2012

Home thoughts from abroad

I enjoyed clever bookish people in London but as always I am so gleeful to be back in Str. Blanari, Bucharest. The evening I got back I had dinner in the Athénée Palace Hilton with a group of people from the Inner Temple including a wonderful erudite English appeal court judge, Lord Justice Laws. I like and feel very much at home in the British establishment - but though they have very good values they are not able to prevent so many dreadful things happening. We all deplored the fact that judges in civil trials no longer wear wigs and found we knew people in common. England seemed like a cosy club, although one from which I am excluded by long years in Bucharest. I was told by the Sub-Treasurer of Inner, the lovely Patrick Maddams (who reminds me of Stanley Holloway) that I would make a good judge and it is true.

I had imagined that characters were dying out and England had been homogenised but Laws who only reached the bench in 1992 seems to be a character and to think for himself. It is rumoured that he will not reach the Supreme Court because he is not politically correct enough. 

The solution for me seems to live in Romania but pay regular visits to London. I used to find England depressing in contrast with Romania but I no longer do so so much - I am more struck by the increasing lack of freedom in my country.

England feels fascist - the fascism of compulsory niceness but still fascism.

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