Friday, 22 June 2012

Should England have gone to war against Nazi Germany?


The unpleasantness of the Nazi regime to its subjects is not the reason we went to war. We went to war to protect the British Empire and save Poland. France went to war to protect herself and the Poles. I do not know, but incline to think war was a mistake.

Had we not gone to war Japan would not have attacked us and the USA. Would Germany have attacked France or Russia? If Russia not France, things would have been better. If France not Russia we could have gone to war with France but might still have done better to stay out of it. Had Stalin defeated Germany as he might have done that probably still would have been a better result for England.

In 1938 Chamberlain in the House foresaw India becoming independent in 1980. The war with Japan and the impoverishment of England made independence unavoidable and with it the deaths of some say half a million, others a million, in the partition of India.

So many imponderables, but it is foolish to assume that it is clear-cut that war with Germany was without doubt better than not going to war. Nothing in history is clear-cut.

Herbert Hoover certainly thought going to war with Germany was a mistake till the end of his life


  1. Well, that's what Hitler surely never wanted - to be at war with Englan, with The British Empire :-)

    No matter how much I also like these exercises of ucrony (alternate history), I guess that the way history evolves was ultimately... unavoidable.

    The British Empire couldn't be held together anymore, while Stalin would have - very probably - tried to invade parts of Eastern Europe even if the USSR hadn't been attacked in 1941.


    Still, I can't help wondering... what if the USA wouldn't have so generously helped the USSR during the war?!

  2. Thank you for your comments. I hope to answer them all in time!
    This time I couldn't disagree with you more. Stalin annexed territories which had belonged to Czarist Russia but did not have further territorial ambitions unlike Hitler's Germany which was an aggressive power. Stalin only overturned borders when allied to Hitler and sought a cordon sanitaire to protect the U.S.S.R.
    What would have happened had Japan not attacked the UK and USA? Had attacked the USSR instead?