Thursday, 5 July 2012


'History repeats itself first as tragedy, then as farce', Marx said of the French Revolution of 1848. I am not sure if the impeachment of Nixon that never happened was a tragedy but that of Clinton was a farce. Basescu's impeachment is not even amusing. The last one was rather a bore, in fact, Mr. Văcăroiu reading the secret service files day and night for a month and then Mr. Basescu's return to office. At least this was my first thought. But if it results in Mr. Basescu again winning or not losing the vote on retaining his services then it too will be farcical.

I do not like the PSD at all but I also do not want the EU telling the Romanian government what is constitutional. The EU got rid of Berlusconi and Papandreou -  next will it be Ponta? I would like him to go (for plagiarism and for cheeking the courts) but not by EU diktat.

Why did Ponta suddenly spring this coup - was it all long planned or is it a diversion from the plagiarism scandal which dropped on him unexpectedly, or from something else, or what? Please can someone enlighten me?

Meanwhile, Belloc never fails one:

The world's a stage. The trifling entrance fee
Is paid (by proxy) to the registrar. 
The Orchestra is very loud and free
But plays no music in particular.
They do not print a programme, that I know.
The cast is large. There isn't any plot.
The acting of the piece is far below 
The very worst of modernistic rot.

The only part about it I enjoy
Is what was called in English the Foyay.
There will I stand apart awhile and toy
With thought, and set my cigarette alight;
And then -- without returning to the play --
On with my coat and out into the night.

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