Sunday, 8 July 2012

Andy Murray


I take no interest in sports and did not know Wimbledon was on until someone tweeted yesterday:

"Last man to lose to a British player in #Wimbledon semi final killed in the Battle of Stalingrad."

I had to post this picture which makes me wish I had watched the match. It wasnt shown on the net and I forgot I have a television set.


A great journalist, whom I usually admire, has posted on her Facebook wall today:

I don't want Andy Murray to win. The thought of the resulting national self-congratulation which would inevitably follow, while this country is in such a state, makes me feel quite sick. It would be the Jubilee all over again.

I also am unmoved and not interested by sports victories but still this remark I think says something about the feelings British opinion formers, have for their country. 
Though she does add:

I consider myself a patriot, and I LOVE to have fun. This summer is the first I've ever felt like a Brit-loathing curmudgeon. It's because they're TELLING US to celebrate. And that is an anaphrodiasiac of the first order.

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