Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Political prisoners


Jurnalul National is owned by Dan Voiculescu, controversial businessman and owner of a pocket-sized political party and Antena 1 and 3 television channels. In the secret police before the Revolution his code-name was Felix. This front page, which lists Adrian Nastase, recently gaoled for corruption, alongside Romanian Prime Ministers who were imprisoned under the Communists, does seem worthy of a prize for bad taste but good taste is still a rare commodity in Romanian public life.

I note with macabre satisfaction that Andrei Nastase referred a couple of days ago to his father as a political prisoner. When his father was starting his career as an academic lawyer, writing about Marxism and human rights, there really were political prisoners in Romania, as opposed to people caught with their hands in the till. Mr. Ion Iliescu, the honorary President of the P.S.D., Mr. Nastase's party, began his career as leader of the student Communist association and distinguishing himself by denouncing some of his professors as enemies of the people. They were sent to prison or to dig the Black Sea Canal, where many of them died.

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  1. This is a crass exaggeration of Jurnalul naţional, but what if the European Court of Human Rights will eventually prove that Năstase was unlawfully tried and sentenced?!