Sunday, 19 August 2012

Victor Orban


I have this feeling that a majority of European leaders have lost their faith in what made Europe great and into an influential factor in the world. Moreover, it seems as if it would be something shameful or something forbidden to talk about this issue. We can not help to see that those who are coming up now, stand firm for their spiritual identity: the Islamic peoples to Islam, the Asian peoples to Asian traditions and their spiritual system. It’s not just about God, but also about the culture that was influenced by their traditional beliefs. We on the other hand reject the power that comes from the fact that this is the world of Christian culture. The successful ones make sure that there is no future without children and family.

Victor Orban,  Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 4th March 2012

This is probably just populism but I wonder whether a Romanian politician other than a buffoon like Gigi Becali, Dan Diaconescu or Vadim would say something like this. I wonder too what would happen if Romania had its own Pussy Riot holding flash riots in Bucharest churches. 

Would the Patriarch of Romania say,  as did the Russian Patriarch Kirill, "The most fundamental conflict of our present era is the clash between the liberal mode of civilisation on the one hand and national culture and religious identity on the other." Possibly and he would be right but he would be at odds with the E.U. I owe this quotation to Nick Cohen who agrees with the Patriarch but naturally thinks he is on the wrong side in the conflict.

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  1. Nick Cohen is a classic Jewish intellectual who hypocritically defends liberalism while himself being ethnocentric. Compare him with Melanie Philips. The good and the bad cop.

    The Russian people have on average a higher score on the psychoticism trait.
    That is why in Romania we don’t have skinheads. And Pussy Riots.