Monday, 12 November 2012

Burning Poppy Photo: Man Faces Questioning

This is absolutely disgraceful and terrifying - what the police did I mean. 

Armistice Day Act Of Remembrance

I also think Muslim anti-war protesters have every right to burn poppies. They even, I suppose, have the right to hope our servicemen are killed (we are not at war and in peace these views should be legally permissible). Much better, in fact, that people express their opinions rather than keep them discreet.


  1. wouldn't it be nice if the police actually got round to catching criminals rather than acting as an Orwellian thought police....

  2. Well, it's one thing to burn poppies holding signs saying "British soldiers burn in hell" and quite another to post a picture of a burning poppy on an individual social networking page. I am sure you would agree that there is not only a legal, but a real, difference between the two, and in one of the two cases I believe a case for censorship is far more easily made.

    We can't ban censorship altogether: censorship and taboo hold societies together.

  3. The real taboos in Britain are all anti-white, anti-Western taboos. What they are doing here is referred to in the USA as "throwing boob bait to the bubbas."