Monday, 12 November 2012

Sir Rex Hunt has died


My Facebook friend, the writer Alex Woodcock-Clarke posted this comment.

Sir Rex Hunt has died. He was the former Governor of the Falkland Islands during the invasion. This is the most piffling post the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has to offer (possibly only Keeper of the Phone Box in British-Claimed Antarctica is more humiliating). It's reserved for people too stupid to resign and too dull to keep about the office. Sir Rex was certainly a bit of a buffoon, a kind 
of downmarket Jerry from 'The Good Life'. When summoned to meet the Argentine invading forces, he insisted in dressing up in full diplomatic tenue (including ostrich trimmed hat) and arriving in the official car, a second-hand London taxi. Then he refused to shake the Argentine commander's hand. The commander was reported as being deeply hurt. And yet, for all this, Sir Rex's actions showed that dogged British phlegm, however ridiculous, was not quite dead. One wonders how a more adept FO personality, a Chris Patton or a Charles Powell, would have handled the situation; probably with feline cravenness, trying to wheedle their way out of the unpleasantness, hoping to pretend it never happened.
Hunt was absolutely right to wear uniform and not to shake the man's hand.

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