Saturday, 10 November 2012

US citizen among Guatemala earthquake victims


Sadly, an earthquake this week in Guatemala has killed at least 52 people and another 22 are missing. It was reported and immediately forgotten by the wider world. You see the disparity between the coverage given to Hurricane Sandy's trail of destruction in the USA and natural disasters elsewhere about which I blogged here

We love our neighbours more than those further from us and distance is not measured in miles but in culture, language, religion and race, I know. Yet it irks me, curmudgeon that I am, that disasters in the USA are treated so extensively in the British press, as if the UK were the fifty-first state. They are treated similarly in Romania and probably throughout the world, and I suppose I am glad that people around the world look to America and not to Russia or China or Francois Hollande's France. My gripe is about the annihilation of distance. What is wrong with parochialism? We do not have time to read about Guatemala? Fine - then less about Hurricane Sandy please. 

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