Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Vive le Texas libre!

Tim Stanley counsels against Texans seeking independence on his blog but an independent Texas is a good idea I think - "sauve que peut". 

The old Texan Embassy in London is now Berry Bros., the wine merchant's at the bottom of St. James's St.  I used to pass it all the time when I lived in London. 

If I were a Southerner, I should want the whole South to secede. Would the North go to war to stop them as they wickedly did last time? I cannot believe it. 


  1. Actually even Washington and Oregon have had talk of secession. http://electbilldriscoll.org/jobs-economy (Read the section on Federal Lands.) As it turns out, Barrack Obama's management of the Bureau of Land Management is enough to make even Seattle Environmentalists cringe. They probably wouldn't join the South though, they'd probably be totally by themselves, assuming that any of this happens of course. Most likely even Texas won't actually do it, but the fact that we've gotten this close will make people think twice about acting the way they have again. And Texas would have no interest in joining the South either - at most they'd take Louisiana with them.

  2. I have replied at the Daily Telegraph site.

    The sneering tone of the article was terrible - the writer just does not understand just how bad the basic American (and general Western) situation really is. The numbers are different - there are far more people in the South these days (Southern people still have babies - the Northern people breed like Europeans, or rather they do not breed - like Europeans).

    Also much of the West may join the South (all of the West bar the three coastal States).

    And, the central point, SLAVERY is no longer an issue.

    There are no slaves.

    And it will be hard to pretend that such people as the Governors of South Carolinia and Louisana are KKK types.

    Secession is not practical politics now.

    But if the economy turns the way I think it will - it will be practical politics by November 2014.

  3. My comment: No comment! :-D