Monday, 10 December 2012

The succession to the throne

On my third day in Florence came the news that the Duchess of Cornwall is pregnant. Let's hope they have a prince not a princess first time. Desperately saddening that a thousand years of history are being set aside by our barbarous Government who have announced that the rules of succession are changed de facto, though not single Parliament has been asked. I should be lying if I said the pregnancy makes me happy. It makes me terribly sad, but a prince will cheer me up vastly.

How can anyone adduce any rational argument for changing the rules of succession to the throne? The blessed Charles Moore takes us through the lack of logic once again.

An incredible absence of logic when one tries to discuss this. As Sir Richard Steele said, women for some reason seem to feel a need collectively to defend their sex on all occasions and for some reason they talk as if the opponents of the change want to introduce the Salic law and have no more Queens regnant. it almost makes one wonder if women are less logical and more emotional. Actually though I think that male feminists are more dangerous than female ones.

I am so upset by homosexual marriage and the change to the law of succession to the throne and now it seems one-eighth of people in the UK were born abroad. I wonder whether I should stop reading the papers but no - someone must speak out.

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