Tuesday, 11 December 2012

USL landslide

I feel total indifference to the Romanian election results. I remember how sad I was 12 years ago when the PDSR got in.

The paper Ring says the turnout was high. It was less than 50%.

This blog post is what Wikipedia calls a 'stub'. I suppose I shall add to it but the thought does not lift my spirits.

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  1. „Nu spera și nu ai teamă,
    Ce e val ca valul trece” (Eminescu)

    Yeah, we changed some a*******s with some other a*******s, that's democracy.
    It was the first time me and my father voted the same a-word I previously mentioned. Don't worry for the others. They'll see what it's like being in the opposition (although Romanian never learn anything from that) and they'll be back to the government in 2 to 4 years when these guys separate.

    Welcome to Romania, a country where the fool is leading the blind!