Thursday, 14 February 2013


No-one seems to say 'Women!' any more, in exasperation. Perhaps it's a hate crime. Even in Romania I only ONCE, in fifteen years here, heard someone say 'Women drivers!'

I draw no conclusion about this. It's merely an observation.

I suspect women still say 'Men!' The sexes should sometimes be exasperated by each other, though I am the kind of girly man who usually sides with women.


  1. I say it on a nearly daily basis and so do my mates, usually prefixed by the word bloody.

  2. Oh yes, they do say it quite frequently in Bucharest, especially about women who drive, in traffic... but you have to be a Romanian woman to hear it often. :-(

  3. Yes Mr. dodge. I'm bloody well tired and exasperated with pc police. It doesn't take all that long till it evolves to self-censor being the unspoken(of course)Rule.When one is observing it it's rather(censor).When one realizez themselves are doing same with great regularity themself feels quite(censor). Now,on a lighter note...

  4. Good to know these old traditions are still being kept up.

  5. P.V.E., Agree. When these sorts of comments were more common they generally weren't taken so personally.