Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Romanian genocide

Romania has aborted 22 million babies over the last fifty years. That's more than the entire current population of the country. 


  1. I'm not sure why I'm commenting on this. I suppose because it's disturbing and because only a few days ago a person told some disturbing things about Romania. Some I was aware of, some not. What I was not aware of was what you've posted here. And not aware that in Romania there has been a culture of disposing of born babies, killing that is and further disposing by throwing the murdered baby into the river.

  2. This is terrible. Do you know any information on the internet about infants being killed?

  3. This was told to me by an Anthropology student. He has a required course in gender studies(he says ugh). The conversation btween he and I was very brief and interrupted. The conversation began with "human trafficing". I am going to try to follow up with him. Meanwhile I typed in @ google: Romania/gypsies/infanticide . I haven't had time to pusue yet. Initially I see: "Ther's no shortage of evidence that the Romani(Gypsies) frequently...a strong gender imalance caused by child neglect or infanticide... 2) . Romanian people stats...(gypsy) attriuted to sex selective abortion and infanticide due to strong preference for sons... So right away I see these and more on this topic. Is it specific to gypsies? I don't know. I wil follow up if This person can tell me anything more specific.

  4. Romanians and Gypsies are two different nationalities.
    Gypsies are so called 'rromi' sadly for us Romanians a name too similar to ours. As an historian Paul, maybe you should know better than anyone else accessing your website.
    Gypsies my dear readers first appeared/born in India and they are everywhere now... Poland, France etc.
    We Romanians are very different.

  5. Thank you Anon 11 April 00:30. I knew nothing of Gypsy origin.

  6. I would be interested to know what you as an Englishman have found out about the Ro attitudes for Gypsies. Since you have compared timelines to the 50's/60's in other writings, their views could, from what I have heard, be compared to those of "negro's" in the USA in that same time frame or perhaps even worse. .... Well, reading this about the genocide, worse by far.

  7. This is not right. The official number is 22 millions, the unofficial number is around 40 million babies. Private clinics don't report all their abortions. We kinda killed our future leaders, didn't we?
    People were saying that our nation will die because of abortion for years, but nobody cared. :(

    1. Abortion and emigration.