Monday, 13 May 2013

A few yards from my flat: 2


Living in the Old Town is great fun though on its way to becoming a museum/Disneyland.The modern age only wants old things if they can be commercialised. The world is becoming one shopping centre with traditions relegated to theme parks.


  1. Sir, You've nailed it. I've been unfortunate enough to leave Romania while it was still "untouched" and I came back by the time it's on the verge ofe becoming slave of consumerism. nevertheless, there are still "virgin spots" - even in Bucharest, incredibly! - and you point them out quite well. i hope you'll enjoy further on, and who knows, maybe one day we'll chat about this piece of heaven around a good pint.

  2. You mean: "your flat" is honoured and favoured to have been built in such an exquisite and noble vicinity, and then... you. me. us. "epigonic" generations... Thank God, I was born and brought up in that neighbourhood.

  3. It is unfortunately true. But this only happened : ...with the gracious a cynical help of the world corporatist oligarchy and European "benefactors" : who sold us in Yalta on a piece of tissue... to the soviet gulag that exterminated over 60 million innocent people in Eastern Europe; destroyed our Kingdom, economy and now collaborate "successfully" with the local corrupt political leaders and law-makers, to share the "prey" and destroy this country and nation. Laughing in the face of an athlete - brought on purpose in 50 + 20 years to starvation, and kept as a human shield against the invasions that would have jeopardised thy western (and , more often than not, godless!) civilisation and culture - instead of helping this fellow man, is simply cynical. Nothing personal, just facts. If you care,as I see, I hope you will do something in this respect, just to make this world a better place and relieve this pain generated by an injustice, with results that are obviously an offence to any cultured man's artistic, aesthetic common sense. Thank you very much, indeed, my good friend. x

  4. Anon 16 May 08;53, I am sorry for you. I agree with your comment. The whole sad and bloody business was under a number of false pretenses conducted by false and bloody men.
    P.V.E. can help by pursuing the truth and exposing some bloody