Thursday, 16 May 2013

A very few yards from my flat


This house, just over a hundred yards from where I live in the old town, fell down yesterday afternoon. Of course I learnt about it from Facebook. Shamefully I forgot when I came home last night, entering from the other direction, to go and have a look nor did I remember this morning.

The foreman in charge of builders working on the building felt vibrations, called the Bucharest City Council, the men left and cars nearby were moved. When the building fell no damage was sustained by people or property, according to the papers, except for the shop next door. And I forgot to mention this last night in the terrace outside my building where I bought my wine.


I thought houses only fell down in Havana.It reminded me of Juvenal, complaining of

 'falling houses and the thousand perils of this terrible city.' 

Time for me to move before the earthquake, if I am quick.


  1. I have a friend who works in restoration and such. She told me that many people intentionally allow the buildings to collapse because they want to construct a new building but are not allowed to demolish these old buildings.

  2. Now the neighboring houses look like they're about to fall apart as well. Better demolish them before they cause more damange.

  3. don t move.. the building fell down in a controlled manner...