Thursday, 2 May 2013

Biblical scholarship

The only funny line in any  Restoration comedy, except possibly for Congreve -

One lady:  'We are commanded to love one another.' 

Second lady: 'Yes, but that may be a mistake in the translation.' 

I used to know which dramatist. The woefully unfunny Wycherley? How sad to realise, as Dr Johnson said, that one knew as much at 18 as at 40, or in my case more at 18 than at 50.

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  1. My recollection from a school play-reading in the mid sixties is that it comes from Lady Brute in Vanbrugh's The Provoked Wife, but I wouldn't swear to it. Glad you excepted Congreve from your strictures - my Millamant in The Way of the World in 1963 attracted favourable comment and a few laughs. A.