Monday, 13 May 2013

'David Cameron had the mien of a prime minister in his first year'

David Frost in an interview today in the Telegraph said of David Cameron: 
“He had the mien of a prime minister in his first year. He talked, he walked, like a prime minister. Then things got difficult… He no longer makes that impression.”
Like actors, television people notice these things. You could say that they have the quality of their defect, superficiality, although that's a bit unfair and Frost is a pretty penetrating political observer.

How far away and out of touch I am I who once breathed and ate politics. It looks like the coalition was not the inspired idea it seemed in 2010. I am told too that the Conservatives negotiating with the Liberal Democrats in 2010 were delighted to be able to throw over conservative policies.

There were times when I entirely gave up hope in the Conservative party.  I half wanted AV to give UKIP seats in the Commons, but now it is clear to me that, however half-hearted a Conservative government may be, a non-Conservative government is much worse. This is why we had four million immigrants after 1997 or was it more? Was that net immigration? And why we had devolution, draconian equality legislation and loss of civil liberties, the Social Chapter and gave away so much power to the EU. We may have taken part in the unjust Iraq War under a Conservative government but no-one knows. Not if Ken Clarke had been prime minister, though he would have been no slouch at giving away powers to the EU.

Votes for UKIP in local and European elections are very useful, but in the general election they presage disaster. This is a VERY tasteless analogy but the IRA used to say, 

'You have to be lucky every time, we only have to be lucky once.'

This is how I feel about Labour - when they get in, as they always will one day, they do incalculable damage every time. Think of all the terrible things they did 1997-2010 which can never be put right.

I suppose things might have been worse had the Conservatives won in 2007, as Michael Howard expected. That would have been followed by Gordon Brown sweeping to power by a landslide. A sobering thought. But could this, in fact, be any worse than a Labour-Lib Dem coalition or Ed Miliband's party governing alone? 

I came to Romania purely for love of Romania, not dissatisfaction with England, but how lucky I am to live here far from Labour, Liberal Democrats, left-wing librarians, Marxist social workers, post-colonial guilt, Catholic schools that teach about condoms and all the rest of it. Only former Communist countries are really conservative, although via the EU the spores of the PC virus are beginning to be dispersed.


  1. Ha ha ha " left-wing librarians, Marxist social workers, post-colonial guilt, Catholic schools that teach about condoms and all the rest of it. " ... very good - spot on.... I think, or at least I hope, that the Conservatives will remain in office after the next election - it is whether they remain in coalition that is the real question... I know that 30% of the country will always vote Labour (' always have done, always will do etc - as 30% will vote Tory) - but - I don't think that the undecided middle is yet ready to forgive Blair and Co quite so quickly ...

  2. Paul, and think of all the terrible, treacherous nation destroying things that the Tories have done since the Second World War. The time has come for the Tories just like time once came for the Whigs. In the EU it is pointless to have a Conservative Party because true conservative policies are illegal. Only outside of the EU can there be a true conservative party. A vote for the Tories is a vote for EU socialism.