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I thought the English stopped watching the Eurovision Song Contest in about 1978. It went out before Mr Callaghan left office, I'm pretty sure. Who was that lady with the nice speaking voice? And, always, 'Norvege, nul points'

But Eurovision, the Royal Variety Performance and Miss World were at one time special events everyone watched. Thoroughly uncool but popular. My grandmother enjoyed them all and my great-aunts.

That Eurovision was popular in Romania seemed a sign of how charmingly provincial and old-fashioned Romania was  but Eurovision seems, judging from my Facebook, a very mixed bag, to have made a comeback over in Britain, that semi mythical isle from which I come but rarely visit.

Here is the full length Eurovision Song Contest 1972 

Here is the full episode of Father Ted "A Song for Europe". It might be the funniest Father Ted episode of all, which is to say a great deal. Do watch it, people.

This song by Zdob and Zdub, representing the Republic of Moldova in 2011, is almost as bad as Father Ted's and Father Dougal's. It is I imagine possibly the worst entry of all time. 

I should get my television set to work one of these days, as i always say. I did not watch Eurovision last night or the Romanian entry but the reviews were not great. The Guardian said:

"Then there was Romania's Cezar. Dressed like a vampiric Elvis, Cezar sang in an alarming falsetto surrounded by men and women dancing in tight lycra."
Here it is. 

Oh dear. What an odd song from a country where old-fashioned masculinity is where it is at.

Here are Mark Steyn's thoughts on Eurovision and the dread Abba.

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  1. Do you understand how much I freaking love this episode?

    "My lovely horse running through the...fiiieeeld."