Saturday, 8 June 2013

A fact about Albert Einstein

After he left university Albert Einstein took a job as a patent clerk, in order to have time to think about what became his great theory. While doing so, Einstein was the patent clerk who patented the Toblerone. 

This fact is like a poem or a beautiful woman. It makes the universe slightly more coherent.

As Michael Caine would say, 

Not a lot of people know that.

Now you do, dear reader. Or perhaps you don't, depending on whether it is really true.

I read this decades ago and posted it without consulting the net but find it is mentioned there in many places. However, it seems that Einstein's work at the small Federal Office for Intellectual Property in Berne involved assessing electromagnetic devices. In 1908, he took up a post at the University of Berne. Thomas Tobler applied for a patent in 1909. Does anyone know more? I begin to think my fact which seemed to explain slightly the universe is not very solid.


  1. I know that Einstein was a patent clerk but did
    know about the toblerone. I didn't know that Michael Caine says "not a lot of people know that" but I like that very much.

  2. Please put facts about his reefuge life. it will help me alot!!!!!!

  3. I was just musing about electromagnetic Toblerones being a product that could prove popular with the ladies; fun and then a snack.
    Dominic Johnson