Thursday, 20 June 2013

Only an all-out war can depose Assad

A wonderful article that everyone should read by Patrick Cockburn (the son of Claud Cockburn) on Syria. He convinces me that if England and France intervene they will in effect take over the war. 

I still haven't got round to having coffee or lunch with my Christian Syrian refugee friend but whatever his opinion and however vile the atrocities committed by the Government I know that I do not want us to intervene. I do not even want the rebels to win. I want a negotiated peace.

Assad has done far worse things than Gaddafi. Saddam was much worse still, in that he went to war with Iran and Kuwait, though he was not a threat when he was unjustly attacked by the USA and UK. It would be better for  everyone were Saddam and Gaddafi still in power, thoroughly bad though they were.  What Assad is doing to his people is worse than what Saddam and Gaddafi did but I think an intervention to topple him would make matters still worse, although it might have the very valuable side-effect, who knows, of preventing war in Lebanon, which I think otherwise overwhelmingly likely.

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