Friday, 19 July 2013

Mandela was a terrorist

James Delingpole does a splendid hatchet job on Nelson Mandela here, on his 95th birthday.

I am ashamed of my ignorance. I had a vague idea that Mandela had turned to small acts of violence but not that he was responsible for murders of women and children. He really was, as South Africans one spoke to in the 1980s always said, a terrorist. I knew very well, of course, that his trial was fair, that he got far more time for political speeches than he would in England and that he could have left prison much sooner had he renounced violence. I wrote about him here attacking the way he is glorified and pointing out that he was a Communist, but I did not know the half of it, it seems. Far from being slightly more likeable than Martin Luther King or Gandhi, he is very much less so. 

I apologise for misleading readers. On the other hand, he did win the trust of white South Africans while he was president, which was very important and things could have been infinitely worse with any other leader. We shall never know if there were better ways, but there may well have been: some alliance between whites, coloureds and Zulus perhaps or an independent Western Cape, where blacks are a minority, with its capital at Cape Town. P.W. Botha had he been more statesmanlike might have achieved something much better than did F.W.De Klerk.

I always thought that apartheid was an appalling system, though not nearly so appalling, not by a long way, as those in most independent black African states in the 1970s and 1980s. I always thought majority rule was inevitable, though regrettable from everyone's point of view, most of all from the Africans'. Or rather, I should say, the black Africans', since the South African whites are just as African as the blacks. 

Of course, Mrs. Thatcher was right in principle not to impose sanctions on South Africa or on a very much worse regime, the Soviet Union, although I thought sanctions against South Africa might be right purely for the Machiavellian realpolitik reason that one day the blacks would win and it would be politic to curry favour with them. I was by no means always right about politics (I badly wanted Margaret Thatcher to go and would have preferred, I blush to own, Neil Kinnock) but I seem to have been spot-on about South Africa.


  1. The deification of Mandela was just part of the communist assault on South Africa, which was at the time the strongest opponent of communism in the region.

    While the BBC and the Guardian would find it hard to support the newly-independant states (so instead chose to just ignore the abuses taking place in them), Plan B was to undermine South Africa by concentrating on its own abuses – even though they were minor by comparison. Better still if those abuses could be personified in someone who – being in prison – was not likely to cause embarrassment with public “necklacings” etc.

    You may remember that The Specials released a rather good single called “Free Nelson Mandela” in the 1980s. I remember young people at the time regurgitating the supposed injustice and demanding action. When I pointed out that he was a terrorist I was met with either dismay or anger – challenging people’s world view is always difficult, especially when that world view is based not on facts but on media propaganda.

    Oh well, it’s all another victory for the Cultural Marxists.

  2. Marxism has nearly won on every front. They are near to being the Conquerors. The Free World has unwittingly helped them every inch of the way. Now the Marxist Free World are in the Now battle. Who will be the Victor?

  3. Marxism has pervaded the West in ways we aren't aware. This is
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    Racist- A Word invented by Leon Trotsky .
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