Monday, 9 September 2013

Isn't this the moment for America to get the Syrian rebels to the negotiating table?

Until 1917 the Middle East was a sleepy backwater. Foreign intervention has created the problems. If only Turkey had been on England's side or neutral in the First World War the world would be a very much better place today. 

For once I agree with the Vatican on foreign policy. Isn't this the moment, as Mr Obama scrambles for votes in Congress to enable him to bomb Syria,  for America to try to get the Syrian rebels to negotiate with the government? Mr Putin has already persuaded Assad to negotiate? Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia should also take part, with Britain and France to make up the numbers. Not Israel for obvious reasons.

This article published from a left-of-centre site is very illuminating and might explain why Obama has bought time.  

I sympathise with Henry Kissinger who says the USA has to do something that hurts the Syrian government but must not try to overthrow it. But I fear the rebels and I fear David Cameron's desire for regime change. I have more sympathy with Putin on Syria on the whole than with David Cameron.

When I was growing up everyone thought Kissinger an omniscient superhero. He is still alive and on YouTube his extraordinary accent sounds so odd and yet familiar - it brings back my childhood.


  1. At "Truth-Out" is another article today, "From Hiroshima to Syria, The Enemy Whose Name We Dare Not Speak. Neither the Link article nor the one I sited speak The Name of The Enemy. The U.S. is the big brother whose little brother is so ill-behaved, deceitful, unrelentingly obnoxious that big brother continually gives in
    and rewards thus reinforces little brother's bad behavior.
    As for Uncle Kissinger he is a chief designer of overthrowing governments, Chile for instance, and he is not to be trusted. Target:

  2. I do not like Pilger but some points here were telling -why are we so worried about Iran? They must not get the bomb, of course, but are they dangerous? - more so than the Saudis?