Wednesday, 20 November 2013

'Britain and the Beast'

" I am not making a plea for the retention of those repellent, jerry-built, sham-Tudor houses that so disfigure England ; but I do suggest that the reason why people are happy in them, why they take pride in them, is worth studying.

You can't impose theories of living on the English. You may want to if you belong to political parties, either right or left, that have no tenderness for liberty ; you may want to if you are an enthusiastic young architect with views about the ' ideal home' ; but in England you cannot design anything for an ideal society ; you cannot presuppose an inclination on the part of the public to acclaim logic and convenience ; you cannot, even by implication, order the English about, and insist that life has got to be lived in such and such a way ."

- John Gloag (contributor ) - 'Britain and the Beast' (p.199) - Published, 1938

Acknowledgments to Julian Craig for bringing this to my attention.

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