Tuesday, 12 November 2013

What the Left-wing human rights industry won't tell you about the Roma

My old friend, Tom Gallagher, has started blogging for the Daily Telegraph. He blogs here about Romanian gypsies. I had hoped to become a Telegraph blogger but well done, Tom.

The rather populist headline reminds me that human rights are not at all the innocent or admirable thing they sound - they are mostly about entitlements not rights - and ways of restricting freedoms and democracy. Which brings to mind this conversation.


  1. Very good. But how I'd like the term 'Roma' was not used. Why is peyorative to call them gypsies?

  2. Very interesting that bunch of jews and jew-lovers that ate that poor guy alive in the comments of the blog, for making an analogy between them and the gypsies. They horde attack like gypsies, they aren't so different at the end :) But hey, they have nobel awards.