Friday, 13 December 2013

A world without Facebook is not imaginable

Will the day come when Facebook ceases to be popular? Logically the answer must be yes, yet it is impossible to imagine. I remember asking myself in 1984 if the Cold War would last forever and coming to the same conclusion.

It is like a precious stones which reflects so many lights. It can be used passively just to read others'posts or it can be sued as I do to keep several conversations going at once. It can be used for reading the news, for listening to music, for cookery recipes or simply as an interactive address book. It helped overthrow Gaddafi and Mubarak  

The poet Ira Lightman, in a wonderful phrase, said he thinks through Facebook. He told me: 
Just last night, I couldn't get going with a poem, and so opened up Facebook and wrote it live into the Notes app. It just feels present. Where the page can feel dusty and alienated.

I imagine Tennyson and Keats would have composed on Facebook did they live today. 


  1. The world was better off with the Cold War. I don't know about facebook.

  2. The Sole Super-Power is very bad for the world. Power corrupts. Absolute Power...