Friday, 17 January 2014

One quarter of Bucharest's population are not on Facebook

Only 1.4 million people in Bucharest are on Facebook. That means half a million aren't. I suppose that includes the many people who do not have access to a computer or smartphone, the old, the illiterate, the homeless, the people in gaol and a few introverts.

I who was very badly adicted indeed - posting up to six or seven posts a day - have suspended my account for more than two weeks and am loving the time and space I have. More difficult is not to use the internet at the weekend and in the evening but I am having some success with this too. The result, I have finished two great books I had set aside as I set aside most books because of the internet and I feel alive. The internet seduces you by stimulating thought but drains you of life, enervates you.


  1. I see you aren't on it at the moment either. I hope that doesn't mean you've left permanently, or that you've blocked me for some reason... Do come back soon! (This is Jonathan from Ely Cathedral, by the way!)

    1. I shall never block you, Jonathan - I am taking a well-earned break from it.